Female human sorceress from Asianic played by XiaoWen


Siriwattinaya (Siri for short) comes from The Celestial Empire. Her grandfather was the ambassador to the kingdom of Azerbaijan before the Kordavan invasion. He married a local woman from a noble family of Az and returned to the Forever Mountain where he continued to advise his country regarding Az and the “East” and raising a family.

During the Kordavan invasion, Siri’s family in Az was slaughtered because of their staunch support of the royal family. After the fall of Az to the Kordaavan Empire, Siri’s Grandfather was assassinated in their home by an unknown assailant. The only clue the family has is a pendant that was clutched in her dead Grandfather’s hand, presumeably the property of the assassin.

Siri was practicing medicine when this tragic event occurred. Driven by the desire to solve this horrible mystery, Siri turned to learning sorcery. Siri’s Grandmother was, in fact, a sorceress, and while Siri was not interested in learning the arcane arts while her grandfather was alive, she now turned her intellect to learning the mysterious ways of magic.

Having completed her training and now a full fledged soreress in her own right, she has set her sights on following the mystery to Azerbaijan. Using her skills as a physician, she becomes a doctor on a trading ship headed West for the port of Kansk….

Since Siri is 1/4 Azerbaijani and takes after her grandmother (blue eyes) she can blend in a little better than most of her countrymen could.

Prose, July 2011

It was an exciting and exhausting day for Siri – the escape from arena was nothing comparing to those adventures she had when crossing the evil and dangerous lands from her home to Kansk. The bruise on her neck was barely seen with the treatment of her own secret medicine and the magic of the spring.

When the moon was shinning above the woods and Siri was alone by the spring, she thought of her family far away. She took out the pendant which led to the killer of her grandmother’s family and wondering when she could solve the mystery and revenge for what they’d done to her family. She wish someone from Elven court someday could give her some clues since her family had a very strong relationship with them before it all fall apart. Tears came into her eyes and dropped into the spring. Siri sighed and quietly wiped the tears off.

Then Siri thought about the group she just made friends with and the adventure they made so far. She couldn’t help but smiled. What a strange group of people! Siri found that she liked them more and more everyday. However she was not very sure of Ceylanda, “who is she?” All Siri knew about was Argent’s encounters with her. “I shall keep distance with her until I found out more about her” Siri told herself.

“What would happen next?” Siri hoped that she could spend some time with the Elven ambassador and his retinue, maybe she can find out something about the pendant and her family. “But the Elf is strange, they don’t like to hang out with other races.” If the Elf ambassador refuses her request, Siri decided that she should return to Kansk and continue her physician practice till the team figure out what to do next.

“That Brunitas!” Siri’s fists tightened, " how I wish him being punished for how he treated his gladiators and those slaves!" Siri made her mind that if Brunitas still came after her when she return to Kansk, she would make sure to return the favor of what he did to her.

Siri thought about the falsehood she tried to do with Brunitas. “What a terrible liar I am!” Siri giggled.

“Maybe I should practice more. After all, I am with a bunch of people who always doing something weird. It is something good to have!” Siri yawned and felt her eyelids heavier and heavier. " I shall rest now and think about the rest tomorrow……"

To be continued……..


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