Shadon Rahl

Shadon Rahl a male elf played by James Till


Lifepaths: Born Etharch, Attendant, Second, Sword Singer, Lead to Protector, Ranger

Age : 171

Stats: Wi: B6, Pe: B6, Po: B5, Fo: B5, Ag: B5, Sp: B5, Speed Mult.: x3.5

Attributes: Ref: B5, Ste: B7, Hes: 5, Hea: B6, MW: B11, Grief: B6, Circles: B2, Resources: B2

PTGS: Su: B3  Li: B6  Mi: B8  Se: B9  Tr: B10  Mo: B11

Someday I will be powerful enough to cause Set and Kordava to pay for their transgressions. In the meantime I will hold their minions accountable. When Vol sings a Tract of Enmity over Melboron Seluciden I’ll be right beside her, guarding her back.
 Luandyll’s Light still exists and there must be a way to prove it. I will explore what knowledge my new allies possess and see if there are points of view and methods not yet considered by the Elven Council.
Wealth is a major component of influencing the powerful. I must use the skills I posses to acquire and sell goods that are needed in Kansk from the forest.

If things start to get tense, check to see if sword is clear of scabbard.
Always be have a bow with an arrow notched when in the forest.
Always be aware of surroundings, patterns, and emotions to be able to analyze the best way to finish a situation quickly and efficiently.

Traits: [Char] Born Under the Silver Stars, [Dt] Essence of the Earth, [Char] Fair and Statuesque, [Dt] First Born, [Dt] Grief, [Dt] Keen Sight, [Dt] Etharchal, [C-O] Calm Demeanor, [Dt] Lesson of One, [Char] Fealty to the Fea, [Char] Ambidextrous, [Dt] Thousand Yard Stare

Skills: Bow B5, Elven Script B3, Etiquette B3, Foraging B3, Hunting B3, Lament of Mourning B4, Lyric of Healing B3, Observation B4, Rhyme of the Pathfinder B3, Song of Bonding B2, Song of Soothing B3, Song of the Sword B4, Stealthy B3, Sword B6, Threne of the Chameleon B3

Affiliations: 1D Etharch Sword Singers

Reputations: 1D Shadon the Lost
1D He who believes in Luandyll

Relationships: Sword Master – Bealianavel (Minor, other family)

Gear: Elven Clothes, Elven Shoes, Plated Leather Armor, Run of the Mill Bow, Elven Arms (sword), Luandyll, Grey Elven Chain.

Property: Spring in the Dire Forest


Born and raised in the structure of Elven rule, Shadon believes in order and rank. He rose quickly to the position of Sword Singer, becoming a protector for the nobility in the Grey Elfs, and thus all elves. He developed a close friendship with his charge; but then, Kordaava invaded and a group of his (or Set’s) demons became overzealous and attacked the seat of Shadon’s prince. The sword singers slayed many of the fowl creatures, yet Shadon was incapacitated during the battle. He was the last line of defense and the Prince (also an accomplished fighter) was overwhelmed and killed. Shadon exiled himself due to the grief of his friend’s death and the guilt that stems from his belief that it was partly his fault. He took up the role of a ranger and moved to the Dire Forest outside Az. He has come to terms with his failure in the forty-some years since that tragic event, and now has a desire to seek out revenge against the true cause of the Prince’s death – Kordaava and Set.

Single player session 6

Shadon was ambushed by six spiders while in his spring in Dire West. He avoided four, and faced the final two, killing one of them. The final spider submitted and explained the attack was based off the belief a treaty was broken. Shadon followed the spider to its hive, and discovered the treaty was not broken because it was humans, not elves taking silk and killing spiders in the process. He made amends and set up his own deal that allows the spiders to use his spring in exchange for their silk.
Shadon meditated peacefully on a flat boulder in the boundaries of his spring. It was a challenge to keep thoughts of the newly acquired Luandyl from entering the stillness within his mind, but even harder to keep out the sense of impending danger. His ears twitched as he perceived a soft rustle and excited chitter from the dense forest in front of him. His eyes snapped open and he quickly located the pair of giant spiders stealthily making their way towards his location. He bolted upright, drawing his bow and notching an arrow. He turned and sprinted, the map of his spring coming to mind as he contemplated the most advantages spot for him to fire off an arrow at the oncoming beasts. He glanced left and right, taking note that two more pairs of spiders came at him in a flank. Shadon’s mouth formed a hard line and he took a sharp turn, leaping over a small tributary of the Black River in an attempt to lose some of his opponents. The pair to his right fell off into the distance, loosing sight of their target and allies. Shadon turned and fired his arrow, watching in dismay as it ricocheted harmlessly off the spider’s chitinous hide. He angled again, running quickly over decaying logs and crumbling boulders, straining to hear where the other pair of spiders was. He realized he lost them as well and he stopped in his tracks when he attained the positioning he desired in a small clearing about 100 paces from the first and final pair. He fired off another arrow and achieved the same result. He cursed under his breath and dropped his bow, drawing Luandyl. The spiders were nearly upon him as he started singing the Song of the Sword. The closest closed and jumped excitedly, his mandibles clacking in the spiders’ tongue. Luandyl ignited in a white light, an effect of the song, and Shadon advanced. He swung and the spider dodge effortlessly. Shadon stood his ground, waiting for a counter-strike as he set himself for the next volley. The spider continued to evade, the sword giving him pause. Shadon stepped in and hacked at the spider’s more vulnerable abdomen, but the spider managed to angel his body so the blow skidded off harmlessly. Shadon’s eyes narrowed and he continued the dance, coming in for a final time. He twirled around the spider’s hairy legs, and thrust Luandyl along the front of his torso. The point plunged into the spider’s bulbous body and erupted out the other end as it sank to its hilt. Shadon ripped it out as the spider collapsed dead, redying himself for his final foe. 
“Stop this!” The spider clicked, much to Shadon’s surprise. “You’ve broke the treatyyyy….you must pay”
“What treaty do you speak of?” Shadon questioned, failing to recall the agreement reached between the Elves and the Giant Spiders of Dire West.
“You Elves have stolen our silk. You must pay.” 
“We have done no such thing.”
“I will show you.”
“How can I trust you?”
“You have my word, you who have killed my brother.”
“Very well, take me there.” 
Shadon followed the spider’s many steps with caution, realizing he was being lead to their hive. Shadon checked to make sure his sword would not catch on it’s scabbard as he entered the heart of the nest, the spider leading him being joined by another (I never wrote down his name if you have it to add Peter). Shadon listened as the new spider explained a series of thefts by Elves of spider silk, and the deaths of several spider at the hands of these bandits. The group came upon two silken cocoons, Shadon was thankful for his training and the calm demeanor stemming from it as he tuned out the many sounds of many legs ubiquitous in the air. 
“Here are two of the Elves.” The spider uttered, its elvish less awkward than the first’s. 
“How do i know they are Elves?” Shadon asked.
“Good point.” The spider waved a leg, and a sider descended from the canopy on a this line of silk. With its hook-like claws, it ripped open a cocoon revealing a decimated corpse. The stench of death and waste hit Shadon and he stifled a breath.
“I can’t tell what that drained thing is. Is the other in better condition?” Shadon realized it must be, as the cocoon began squirming while muffled please emanated from it. The spider ripped open the remaining cocoon, revealing a terrified, muddied, poorly disguised human. Shadon stared in disbelief, recognizing the colors of the Kordavan army. “That’s not an elf.”
“It’s not?” The spider moved to face Shadon.
“Oh. Well we can eat it then.” The hanging spider immediately sunk it’s fangs into the human.
Shadon listened to the explanation provided about the raids from the spider, trying to ignore the sucking feeding going on just ten feet away. He re-established the agreement the Elves had with the Spiders and the tried to barter a deal of his own. The spiders wanted access to his spring for its healing properties. Shadon agreed to allow them to use it in exchange for silk to be deposited for each spider at each visit. He left the hive and turned for the trek back to Kansk, happy that he had been ambushed.

Shadon Rahl

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