Rogue gladiator with a death wish, played by John Zinser


Grew up as a rogue on the streets of Vinnitsa and eventually joined the Gilded Dagger thieves guild.

His true love, Astasia, was murdered by Baron Romanov.

After her murder, Sakar lost the will to live. He attacked some other rogues in his guild, thinking they would kill him. But his inner self could not let him die without a fight, so he fought back and killed them.

In retribution for their deaths, the guildmaster, Pablo, arranged for Sakar to be sold into slavery as a gladiator. He is owned by Baron Luransk.

As a gladiator, Sakar has entered every fight hoping it would be his last. Instead, he has won every fight.

Most recently he won the Primus against Skulltron, a star gladiator owned by Romanov. The victory was bittersweet, however, as Skulltron was poisoned and did not fight effectively.


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