Vampire nightclub proprietor of Saratov


Rockmonanov is the male human sole proprietor of a private underground nightclub. “A self-titled bar”, Rockmonanov is an exotic speak-easy who’s clientele is as glamorous as the wine spirits it serves. Rockmonanov offers a large menu of delicacies from all corners of the world: strange and outlandish cuisine, wines and spirits, exotic herbs and drugs. Rockmonanov can satisfy any craving one may desire. The bar has quiet secluded cubbies for intimate dates and a large great hall for hard partiers; they feature private party rooms and hard driving music halls. Whatever desires or debauchery customers may request Rockmonanov can meet the needs. For those with limitless appetites and money to burn Rockmonanov is rumored to offer a secondary menu featuring hardcore unspeakable activities that go beyond mere entertainment.

The Blood Password – No one may enter Rockmonanov without first presenting their blood password. It’s a simple thing really, a small drop of blood in exchange for entrance, no cover charge required, just a single drop of blood.

Rockmonanov is an elusive bar, residing somewhere in a labyrinth of twisting passages in the bowels of Saratov. The entrance moves and is never in the same place twice. How the entrance moves is open to speculation. Some believe it utilizes sophisticated dwarven mechanical machinery while others are convinced it employs powerful illusions or dark sorcery. It is the bar’s elusive nature that is part of its charm and appeal, a forbidden fruit outside people’s reach. Some say, you don’t choose Rockmonanov, it chooses you.

Rockmonanov is an ancient vampire who’s crypt predates Saratov. Very few people know or have met the secretive bar owner – he favors his privacy. He collects blood like a wine connoisseur. He has thousands of crystal vials safely stored and protected in an underground fortress repository. Each vial is meticulously labeled with name and date. Some of the vials go-back thousands of years.


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