Robin Swartout

Male human fighter played by Steve Conard and Rick Marshall


Lord Robin Swartout, the third son of Duke Elliott of York and Duchess Evaine, has always wanted to be a great man like his father. Although being third in line makes him unlikely to inherit his father’s title, he still believes he can serve his family, his duchy, his country, and the empire by becoming a brave and honorable knight and helping the duke rule wisely. His tutor, Sir Hugh Godwin, encouraged Robin in this by making him study the history and philosophy of Perrin’s most noble warriors before he was allowed to learn any of their swordsmanship techniques.

Only once has Robin deliberately disobeyed his father’s direct order, and that ended in tragedy. When Robin was a child he wanted to follow his father everywhere, but the duke would not permit him to attend meetings where state secrets were discussed. So Robin tried to spy on his father and in the process started a fire that took the life of his uncle, Prince Louis de Perrin. Duchess Evaine was devastated by the loss of her brother, and she and Robin have never been close since then. But Duke Elliott’s disappointment in Robin stung far worse than the loss of his mother’s regard.

After his father, the family member Robin loves best is Discordia, his foster sister, who was born on the exact same day he was. Discordia came to live in York on their fifth birthday, and Robin likes to say she was his birthday present. Though he gets along all right with his older brothers Elliott and Monty, Robin finds his youngest brother Darin disturbingly cruel and avoids having anything to do with him.

Now that Robin has come of age, he is eager to stop studying others’ noble deeds and start doing some of his own. Every day he wears a tabard displaying the crest of York, a red lion, and strives to bring it honor. Soon, Robin hopes his father will decide he is ready to become a knight. After that, it will be up to him to discover if he can become something even greater.

Robin Swartout

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