Prince Kalibar

Played by CJ, male human Somacian prince



For Kalibar’s beliefs, instincts, and traits please refer to the Saratov PC BITs page.
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Scimitar of Mubarak



Prince Jemdet Kalibar is from the Somacian Desert, near the town of Kordava, south of the Trevan Mountains.

Prince Kalibar is currently serving under Tribunus Pakta, a warrior priest of Set in command of the Janisaries. The Janisaries are an elite Somacian cavalry unit posted in Saratov as Lalfroth]’s Honor Guard.

Kalibar has the rank of Centurian, a commander of 100. See Horsemen of Kalibar for stats on troops.

Insights from Borrowing Tinielle’s Perception

While visiting with Taras, Kalibar used his borrow ability to tap into the “infinite perception” of Taras’ associate, Tinielle. While doing so Kalibar was exposed to an “infinite universe” of information. Mechanically, CJ was able to pick three topics and gain some information about them. He picked the following topics.

Powerful Weapons

You see a man in an insane asylum. In the daze and psychedelic nature of borrowing Tinielle’s perception this man’s presence is hard to understand, but whenever you flicker a thought toward weapons of power his visage comes into the picture, undergoing various horrors under the care of a demonically possessed custodian of a home for the insane. Focusing a bit you somehow know that this man is the most brilliant articifer of the ages. His name is Lum - Lum the Mad.

The Kalibar Family Curse

The Kalibar family and Somacians in general have deep connections to the effreet race. Uncle Vonakeen Mubarak was a wizard who was particularly adapt at summoning powerful effreet. When Kalibar was young Uncle Mubarak and your father, the King, were visited by Taras and a large deal was struck that brought fortunes and favor to the family. Part of the deal involved your father joining the empire and your uncle assisting Taras in the summoning of the Lord of All Effreet. A bargain was struck.

Taras took your uncle to the Swamp of Conn and you see an image of a colossal pyramid. Here they are joined by Lalfroth and Thulsa Doom. A grand ritual is performed and the Lord of All Effreet is summoned and imprisoned in this pyramid. In a parting gesture the Effreet Lord slays your uncle and curses his family. Taras picks up your uncle’s sword, the one you saw hanging in his brass tower.

Beautiful Women of Chaldea
  1. Celine. Human, blonde, bard, performer, a favorite at Court, living in Saratov. The ultimate in performance beauty.
  2. Princess Lian. Father is Kordaava, Mother is Tinielle! Tall, blond, striking, athletic, perfectly proportioned. Bred for beauty. Half human, half genie, divine blood. Lives in a countryside palace near Saratov. The ultimate in exotic beauty.
  3. Lady Misita. Grey elf, blond, mystical, surrounded by elven royalty and courtiers in the Garnon Forest. The ultimate in elven beauty.
  4. Dalia. Strong, black-haired, Succubus. Sitting on a ruby thrown in an iron tower in the Mountains of Chaos. The ultimate in erotic, seductive beauty.
  5. Sarah. Human, youthful, red-haired, carefree, farmer’s daughter, living on a farm outside Pavladov. The ultimate in simple, undiscovered beauty.
  6. Sakura. Human, Asianic, courtesan, distinguished entertainer. Her art and fashion sets trends amongst the wealthy. Lives on her yacht, The Sekushii. The ultimate in Asianic beauty.

Prince Kalibar

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