Male, human, sorcerer, and worshiper of Osiris


Played by Skaff Elias

The world is only not the way I want due to my shortcomings.
It might be my destiny to slay Set.
I need to test my sorcery in life and death situations and killing priests of Set allows me to do that without killing innocents.

I always study when possible.
I always attempt to acquire arcane knowledge and power.
I never refuse an earnest request of a priestess of Osiris.

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Humility in the Face of Your Betters, Inscrutable, Gifted


Member of the Potato Cabal, a group of wizards and priests of Tanai. The cabal is so named because a potato can last for years, underground, and has many eyes—-a network around the globe.

PC’s: Mikos, Arnis.
See NPC’s based in Caer Paraval.

Based in Caer Paraval.


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