Nyad who guards the vision pool.


Nile and his family live at the vision pool, which Ada visited, and which held Elven captive for a year to bear his love child. He tried to make it right by giving her a beautiful rainbow pearl. Nile’s wife is Lucinda and they have a wilder elf lover-friend named Spritz. Since Elven’s visit, there is a youngin’ named Sly.

Instinct: If I see a beautiful woman, charm her into staying for awhile.

Belief: I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Friends with Iston.

The following is an excerpt from Elven’s session notes:

On the way to Perth, Elven has a lusty encounter with the nyads Nile and his wife, Lucinda, and their airheaded elven friend, Spritz. Elven falls under Nile’s spell, falling in love with the pool and loses herself. For a whole year! The year has a magical dream-like quality, surreal, with days filled with love, romance, passion, swimming, and sunshine. During this year she forgets all about her quest to meet her father and pass along the scale to her grandfather. She also gets pregnant and bears a son by Nile! (We establish that due to Vishkon’s heritage, Elven is quite fertile.) For the birthing an elven midwife named Nana shows up. Her son is named Sly.

The departure from Nile’s pool is awkward. Elven has mixed feelings of lost love, lost innocence. Was she raped? Lucinda seems sad to see her go, while she is cradling Sly as if it were her own child. Elven promises to return though Nile warns her not to. Nile gives her a beautiful rainbow pearl. Elven takes it but doesn’t understand. Is this a bribe? Is this alimony? Is this guilt? She promises to herself that the pearl “is for Sly someday.”

After she leaves she wonders, “Did Nile send the dream of the reflecting pool?” And she asks Szazarac, “Why didn’t you rescue me?” Szazarac responds, “I had no idea you were enspelled! You seemed very happy.”


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