Montegue, Sir

Perrinite knight and priest of Horus


Montegue wore light armor, 2HD sword, and knife.
Features are chiseled, distracted, sad, rugged, mature, and hardened.

Squire: Davey, twitchy, dodging eyes, terror-stricken. Perhaps a “broken man”.

Sir Montegue and company were the “cargo” smuggled by Mavra from Saratov to Dorsang in Session 15. He was accompanied by Davey and 4 pilgrims who showed signs of torture. One of them did not survive the rigors at sea.

Warns the players of the High Inquisitioner, Uhlotep. Informs them of recent all-out war between Isis and Set, who killed Osiris. He spits on Ra’s name for not doing anything about it. Isis has sworn vengeance and has become a rallying cry for those opposed to Set.


Montegue, Sir

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