Mohareb al-Aktari

Male human knight of Osiris, played by Christian Moore


Excerpt from Christian’s email. This turned out to be the general direction we went, but not exactly.

“I think Owen should play the priest; he’s good at playing characters like that. I think I’d like to play some type of religious knight that protects the priest, almost a Templar analog (but obviously geared toward Egyptian mythology). I picture a secret order that has remained hidden (either after some long-ago persecution or—if this cycle and these Gods are newer in Chaldea—that has grown up around the underground religion), and who’s members are both fighters and lay brethren (possibly with minor powers granted by the god to protect the priesthood), kind of like the Knights Hospitaller or Templar. Come up with a few cool vows, a symbol, etc. But the knights are essentially religious fanatics who have chosen to serve a higher power (coming from all backgrounds, but they all hear a Calling or are Tapped in some fashion, kinda like Priests even today or Freemasons in times past). The Most Holy Order of the Scarab? The Sacred Order of the Ankh? The Brethren of Osiris? Maybe they also have a “cover,” kinda like the Templars. After all, the Templars were essentially Western Europe’s first bankers and engaged heavily in trade, primarily because they could protect overland shipments of coin and letters of credit. Might be a cool tangent that could give the party an “in” in interesting ways…

Which brings me to my next point… I think we should use Osiris as the rebel god. Remember, in Egyptian mythology, the story of Osiris and Isis is one of the biggies, and even better, Set was his jealous brother, lured him into (I think) a golden coffin at some kind of party, had his minions dump him in the Nile, and then cut him into fifteen little pieces. Isis had to travel around collecting the bits, and when all were found he rose from the dead, they conceived Horus (who I think eventually defeated Set), and then Osiris descended to become lord of the underworld. Not only is it a cool story, but it could fit into our timeline really well. Maybe this campaign is set AFTER Set kills him but BEFORE all the pieces have been collected. The coffin itself could be some sort of sacred artifact guarded by our priesthood, kind of like the Ark of the Covenant. So part of our underground religion’s sacred mission could be to run around collecting all the God’s pieces while spreading his Word and secretly preparing for his Return. Maybe all but one or two have been collected, or maybe all of them need to be. Some type of prophecy or sacred text or oracular NPC class could have foretold all of these events, and technically during this period we could be working for Isis while she puts her husband back together (which could be cool, because maybe our priests have to get used to praying differently or using a “different” type of power since its now coming from her and they’re used to some sort of connection to him—but if we’re fulfilling prophecy maybe our priest’s and the knights’ power would grow over time, either as they get used to working with her or with each piece of Osiris that is found and placed back in the coffin). Alternately, maybe Osiris imbued the coffin with some of his life energy before he “died,” and this where we currently draw our power from (so maybe we’re slightly weakened as opposed to Set’s priests, but we have light and ultimate order on our side). The coffin could have its own set of fanatical guards (kinda like the Fedaykin in Dune), who move it to a new hiding place every night, or maybe Isis has it herself, keeping it safe until his return.

I also like this because it dovetails with some of the points I really liked in Owen’s long post and my earlier email. There are a lot of parallels between the myths associated with Osiris and those surrounding Mithras, the early Christian God, and even Jesus (they both rose from the dead, they both had the same number of key disciples [in this case maybe demigods], among other things). A lot of people think the Osiris myth literally made its way into early Christian and Jewish theology, especially in some of the more esoteric Old Testament books that didn’t make the cut during Bible assembly time (like the book of Lilith). There are parts of Mithraism that are almost straight-up parallels, so if a similar cult exists in Chaldea (sorry Peter, I keep thinking Rome, which is why I keep coming back to this—if its just the architectural similarities, don’t worry about this suggestion), we could eventually make inroads with it and become uneasy allies. It would certainly be useful if some of the adventuring involved more subtle stuff, like intrigue, espionage, or terrorism in the capital. Or maybe it could all just be a big race: Kordaava would obviously be given orders from his boss to collect the pieces himself, and maybe he’s found one or two already. Maybe he’s even passed a few along, but has one hidden away as a sort of “insurance policy” because he knows Set can’t ultimately be trusted. I don’t know how well all this could fit with Chaldea, but it could be kinda cool.

Ok, I just read the synopsis attached. Didn’t realize it was there before. Maybe the Mithras thing wouldn’t work, but I think the other stuff could. Alternately, Mithras could be replaced by Mithrian (the Mithril Dragon), and the sect could be more of a Cult of the Dragons. It seems like they’re out there, maybe planning something, but no one really knows their motives or minds. They were also powerful enough to fight the Gods (I don’t don’t if normal Chaldeans know this or not…). Just more brainstorming…

I have my concept already in mind; if folks could weigh in on the Osiris thing and some of the other stuff above, I’ll flesh it out an send it along next."

Mohareb al-Aktari

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