Sea witch of the Brinnatti


MIRELDIS – (elf/female) – Mireldis is a sea witch who belongs to a society of witches called the “Brinnatti” who survive on a series of islands off the coast of Saratov. The BRINNATTI WITCHES are greatly feared and are the source of many sea fables and maritime legends. Sailors who work the waters around Saratov fear these mysterious women of the sea, each new sea tragedy fueling even more superstitions. Most tales center around witches luring sailors to their death with beauty and songs of the sea. Winter storms are described as the Witches Wrath. Ship captains who don’t pay offerings of fealty in the form of tossing a pouch containing a single copper, silver and gold mark are said to tempt fate and can be forever lost at sea, many being pulled to their doom inside “The Witch’s Cauldron” giant cyclonic whirlpools. Other’s have their ship’s keel snapped into kindling by jagged coastlines that mysteriously rise out of the deep.

The Brinnatti Witches have forged pacts with elemental forces of nature: wind spirits and aquatic denizens of the deep. It is this perilous communion with elemental spirits that gives the witches their great power.

Mireldis is an ageless beauty with lithe supple body, emerald eyes and long green hair air decorated with shells, seaweed and sea flowers. She lives in a cottage on a protected lagoon along the sea shore. Her home is alive with friendly creatures of the sea – she welcomes all animals. Otters, seals, crabs, dolphins, birds and others sea creatures big and small.


Chaldea PeterAdkison