Former worshiper of Ra, now a ghost.



A Chaldea Short Film Idea


A worshipper of Ra is tortured in the afterlife.


There is lots of freedom to develop Luther’s background as nothing’s been established about it other than he’s male, human, and a worshiper of the outlaw religion of Ra. He probably shouldn’t be someone TOO prominent, like a noble, or his death would have attracted attention.

Luther is one of the poor unfortunately victims of the massacre at Eamonn’s Watch.

After Luther dies he is whisked away by a harrow to the City of the Dead.

In the City of the Dead he is tortured by DL and told he must go out and kill. He tries to resist and puts up a valiant effort but the torture is too much for him, it reduces him to a craven lunatic, who eventually murders his first victim.

We should probably end the story before Luther’s encounter with the PC’s on the road to Gaunt so that we don’t have to worry about overlap.


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