Dorian bard of Kansk, friend of Vol


Lives in Kansk. Born in Dorsang. Graduate of the Bardic College of Dorsang.

I see him working the lounge scene and being a bit of a gigolo, wooing wealthy ladies for their favors. He likes the bard college for the status, connection, and performance training, and the gigolo element is a nice fit with the roguish leanings of Dorians. (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/chaldea/wikis/dorsang) But he’s academically week, having only studied enough to barely graduate and since then he hasn’t seen the inside of a library or written even a paragraph in Auldic.

He likes Vol because (a) she’s going places, (b) she’s a bard and he wants to keep those circles active, and © I think maybe he has a bit of a big brother thing going, looking out for this elf from the woods as she explores the city.


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