Hefeweizen Twofields

Male halfing rogue played by Mike Boozer


Hefeweizen Twofields grew up in a small halfling village where his family farmed, brewed beer, and baked bread. Hef enjoyed the simple life, helping his parents with the chores and taking care of his beloved baby sister Farina. But one day a human acolyte of Set tried to impress the Twofields with the power of his god by conjuring a magical ball of fire that got out of control and set the house and barn ablaze. By the time the villagers managed to put out the fire, it had killed Hef’s father, burned his sister badly enough to cripple her for life, and destroyed the farm. Though the acolyte ran away, Hef has never forgotten what the power of Set cost him.

To support the family, Hef’s mother had to take him and Farina and move to the city, where she found part-time work as a baker. But her income wasn’t enough. Hef found odd jobs when he could, but when he couldn’t he often stole to make ends meet. Though he’s taller than most halflings, Hef learned that he could dress and move in ways that kept people from noticing him, particularly if he wore a hood to hide his deep green eyes. And sometimes not being noticed let him learn things other people would pay good money to know.

Eventually Hef’s petty thefts caught up to him, so he caught the next ship for Perrin to try his luck in a new city: York. Quickly establishing himself among the rogues of the Shadyside neighborhood, Hef did well in York and stayed out of the law’s eye until the duke’s guards caught him spying on the duchess as she shared an intimate moment with the High Priest of Set. When Hef told the duke what he saw, the duke agreed to spare his life if he agreed to keep that particular piece of information to himself—and to do his spying in the duke’s service. While the duke’s gold ensures his discretion for now, Hef is always on the lookout for other opportunities and sees no need to limit his services to one patron. After all, his mother and sister are still counting on him, and he wants to send them as much money as he can.

Hefeweizen Twofields

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