Male halfling judge from Dorsang


(From Dad) Only thing I could find on Hafling lifespan was in an old PHB that gave them about 150 years (not sure where I got that they were long lived—nothing supports that). I have no idea where in the world the Hobbits live but am hopeing that they are not too far from the Elves (just for a storyline sake).

Mr. Granger is a friend and confidant for Vol.

Character and Lifepath Considerations.

I thought the Mankind charactor set up would work as is. It doesn’t work at all in overall racial consideration but the individual paths work fine.

I combined Village and City lifepaths into Shire Lifepaths (a Shire is not much larger than a human village in size but with all the comforts, ammeneties and politics of a medium size human city)

I can’t picture a “King of the Haflings” so I set the noble lifepaths aside. I vision a political/beaurocratic government. Mr. Granger has followed this path in general through:

Life paths: Shire Born, Clerk, Student, Scholor, Town Official, Judge

Total of 43 years old.

“Luck” is the Hobbit racial charateristic. (I never worked out anything on this but I thought it would be soooo coool that no matter what kind of a test they failed they could always roll one additional “luck” die)

Mr. Granger is not a Bard. He was invited to Dorsang as a “Subject matter expert” in the fields of interracial relations and law by a Elven Bard with very close connections to Elven royalty (yes, I have a story started but put on hold pending your input on the basic idea).


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