A socially sophisticated dwarven administrator


Male, dwarf, M3 “Fellow” of Vinnitsa.

Fosters is sophisticated, a lot like Kwell, who he helped when Kwell needed some debts covered related to Vecna’s Flash Ball and his alcohol acquisition.

Instinct: Have Burl tear them to shreds then I will look the hero.

Assistant Burl

Male, dwarf, big burley accountant.

Burl is an analyst / assistant to Fosters. Imagine a linebacker wielding a short #2 pencil with big stubby fingers. Went after Kwell in a DoW over whether to cover Kwell’s debts relating to Vecna’s Flash Ball.

Will 4, Interrogation 4, Stentorius Debat 4, Accounting 4

Belief: I can find a weakness in any account or business plan.

Instinct: I never lose track of the key question.

Trait: Persistent


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