Female half dwarf, half dragon played by Dee Fenton


Belief: All races have value.
Belief: I will not be able to fly until I find my father.
Belief: My dreams always come true.

Instinct: I always try and talk my way out of trouble.
Instinct: I always stretch my wings when a good wind picks up.
Instinct: If I see a plant I don’t know I have to catalog it.


Son: Sly, newborn, via Nile

Best friend: Szazarac

Elven was raised by her mother, a green dragon named Drachohazzit, near the Elven village of Bark Home.

Years ago when Drazzo, somewhat of a “hippie alchemist dragon”, felt that hormonal urge to mate she knew no other dragons that she found tolerable. So she took the form of a beautiful female dwarf, beard and all (just go along, okay!), and went to a local dwarven township called Perth and magically seduced a “handsome male dwarf”, who Drazzo simply refers to as “Izzy.” Izzy got the job done and Drazzo let him go and then went back to her lair and pretty much forgot about him. Drazzo gave birth to an adorable baby girl and has raised her from birth. Drazzo lives by an elven village and wanted her daughter to “fit in” with the elven children so she gave her a nice sylvan name: “Elven”. That really didn’t work out all that well.

The campaign opens with Elven getting kicked out of the lair—-“Fly, be free!”—-with mom settling down for a well-deserved “nap”. Elven’s desire (with beliefs in line) is to find her father and learn about the other side of her bloodline. The subsequent roleplaying of Elven arriving in Perth as the fish-out-of-water character has been delightfully comical and at times heart-wrenching. Mom taught Elven all sorts of things but it’s all academic and from a Dragon’s POV. My girlfriend is not an experienced roleplayer but she immediately found the delight in “knowing” things but with a slightly wrong twist.

The story she’s pieced together is that her father, who’s real name was Duanor Dzirt, was the leader of the clan. He was also married to a dwarven woman named Myrtle and they had a son, Umod Dzirt, and a daughter, Dia Dzirt. They were a happy dwarven family until, about 20 years ago (Elven’s age, naturally) Duanor went missing for a few days. He came back traumatized, refusing to speak of what happened, and immediately announced that he was going “on hajr.” And he did so the very next day. Alone.

It was certainly strange that Duanor would leave suddenly and without his family but in typical dwarven fashion his mind was made up and he stoically departed, tight lipped and brittle. Myrtle must have known something because a few months later she left the clan also, not on hajr, but as an outcast. With Duanor and Myrtle both having left without sharing anything of what they knew, with no facts to go on, eventually the gossip mill died down and life went on.

Then Elven shows up 20 years later looking for her dwarven father. Well it doesn’t take too long to piece things together. Talk about a powder keg! The dwarven community is torn apart on how to treat this new arrival half-breed. Her newfound family is especially torn apart. Umod accepts her completely (Beliefs: Family is everything. Dia is family, and so is Elven). Dia hates her (Beliefs: Family is everything. Elven’s not family.) And Elven is determined to find her father, even if that means following his hajr all the way to the dwarven homeland. Buzo, the local dwarven banker who has been helping Elven, explains that all records of hajr migrations are kept in the great Dwarven Hall of Records in Saratov (many days journey). Now Elven is on her way there, with Umod, and with a letter of introduction from Buzo to Seneschal Eli, the master chronicler. On the way there (or back) Elven will travel through Vinnitsa. Buzo confides that when Umod’s mother, Myrtle, left as an outcast, Buzo set her up with employment there amongst humans as a housekeeper for Earl Vadim.


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