Duanor Dzirt

Dwarven clan leader (former), father of Elven


Presented are two versions of Duanor’s story, one told from Duanor’s POV, another from his daughter’s. Duanor’s daughter is Dee’s player character, Elven.

Duanor Dzirt, from Duanor’s POV

Before he was an outcast ,Duanor Dzirt was the leader of a dwarven clan in Perth, a mountainous village of mixed dwarven and human population, guarding the entrance to the lair of Vishkon, an elder green dragon (Kim will enjoy this tie to larger Chaldean themes as Vishkon is a key player). Duanor was married to a dwarven woman named Myrtle and they had a son and a daughter, Umod and Dia. They were as happy as dwarves can be.

One day while out on patrol Duanor encountered an incredibly beautiful female dwarf. This beautiful woman enchanted Duanor and whisked him off to a three-day binge of romance and enchantment in her beautiful woodland spring. After this dalliance the woman reveals herself as Drachohazzit, a flighty, hippie, alchemist green dragon who didn’t believe any of the dragons she knew were suitable for mating. Having gotten what she wanted, Drachohazzit returns Duanor to Perth, and has gotten on with her life with no awareness of how she has fucked over this dwarf’s life.

Duanor is mortified and shamed by his infidelity. He has broken his marriage oath, and oaths are the bedrock of Dwarven society (it curbs their greed, which is the curse of dwarves). He doesn’t disclose to his family what happened but simply announces that he is going on hajr, a quest deep into the ground to find the dwarven holy land, and promptly departs unceremoniously, leaving the clan in disarray and his family in crisis.

Before heading to the hajr, Duanor stops by the city of Saratov (the Emperial Capital) and decides to nurture his rage by polishing off a keg or three of nog before undertaking the long, perilous trek. While getting engaging in this drunken binge to end all drunken binges Duanor gets in a stentorious debate (a heated style of dwarven argument) that leads to a brawling that leads to a local magistrate sentencing Duanor to 20 years hard labor in the gulag: 5 years for damage to property and life and 15 years for telling the magistrate where he could stick his judgement.

In the gulag Duanor spends 20 years nursing his hatred for being dragon-raped and forms a band of ex-cons and other dwarven outcasts who are obsessed with killing dragons.

Duanor Dzirt, from Elven’s POV

Elven is a young half-dwarf, half-dragon of approximately 20 years old. She’s friendly, outgoing, innocent, happy-go-lucky, and quite sheltered from being raised by her mother, Drachohazzit. The story begins with her hippie mom kicking her out of the lair, telling her “fly, be free!” Elven has always wondered about her father, who mommy sometimes fondly refers to as “Izzy” but doesn’t know much about other than he lived in Perth. Her father is, of course, Duanor Dzirt.

Elven travels to Perth looking for Izzy. No one knows who Izzy is, of course. Soon after arriving, Elven is befriended by a local dwarf a banker named Buzo, who “generously” offers to safeguard a nice gem she got from her mom. Buzo is intrigued with her half-dwarf heritage and wants to help her learn about her dwarven side, a crucial part of her education that has been woefully left unattended. After Elven shares her background with Buzo the two of them eventually piece together that Elven is the daughter of Duanor Dzirt. Elven tries to reunite with her extended family but learns that Myrtle is now an outcast, having left the clan shortly after her husband’s departure. Elven’s half-sister, Dia, hates Elven, but Elven finds an ally in her half-brother, Umod. The two of them depart Perth to search for her father. (If we want to make this especially difficult, Elven also has a giant spider friend named Szazarac, about 3’ in diameter, who can speak.)

Elven and Umod travel to Saratov and visit the Dwarven Hall of Records. Here Elven meets an ancient dwarf, Eli Graybeard, the chief chronicler, who researches the family tree and learns that, indeed, Duanor Dzirt came to Saratov and signed up for a hajr expedition but failed to show. Further research reveals how Duanor was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and contempt of court and was recently released from 20 years of hard labor in the gulag.

Elven connects with the large dwarven outcast society in Saratov and learns that Duanor has formed a band of outlaws who are rumored to be hunting dragons in Perrin.

We never played past this point, so there is a lot of flexibility on how this story ends. I suspect that Duanor rejects Elven and perhaps even tries to kill her. One potential interesting ending (but more complex from an FX perspective) is that Elven always held the belief (in Burning Wheel, beliefs are central to character story arcs) that she would never be able to fly (with her under-developed half-dragon wings) until she found her father. The story could end with Elven using flight to escape Duanor’s rath.

Duanor Dzirt

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