Hippie alchemist green dragon


Drachohazzit, or “Drazzo” to her friends, is an adult green dragon. She is the daughter of Vishkon, the elder green dragon of nature.

Around the time of Kordaava’s rise to ascension, Drazzo felt the urge to also rise but for a different purpose. Knowing no dragons whom she found desirable as a possible mate, Drazzo used magic to assume the form of a beautiful female dwarf and seduced a local dwarven clan leader named Duanor Dzirt. The offspring of this odd coupling is a female half dragon, half dwarf who Drazzo has raised from birth.

Hoping that her daughter would “fit in” in Bark Home, the local elven village, she gave her daughter what she thought would be a suitable sylvan name, Elven. Drazzo has raised and tutored Elven from birth.

Now that Elven has struck out on her own to find her father and learn of his people, Drazzo is ready for a well-deserved nap!


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