Dia Dzirt

Female dwarven axe bearer, sister to Umod


Dia is a dwarven axe bearer from Perth. Dia and her brother, Umod Dzirt, are the only two offspring of the former clan leader, Duanor Dzirt, and his legitimate wife, Myrtle Dzirt.

Since her father left suddenly on hajr and their mother abandoned them, Dia and Umod have been on their own. In the wake of Duanor’s absence, Dia has to bite her tongue watching Vasya and his slutty girlfriend, Balin, take over leadership of the clan.

Recently everything has gotten much worse. A strange half-breed dwarf has shone up claiming to be Dia’s half-sister. Dia’s brother, Umod, has accepted her but Dia has not.

And Dia is getting damn tired of biting her tongue.

Belief: There is nothing more important than family.
Belief: Umod needs to figure out that Elven is not family.
Belief: Vasya spends too much time drinking and fawning over that slut, Balin.

Dia Dzirt

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