Male dogman sorcerer, apprentice to Lalfroth


About dogmen: Bipedal, often mistaken for gnolls. A canine answer to super-humans. Naturally skilled at a number of arts that a D&D player would call fighter-mage-thief. Meaning, combat, magic, and stealth.

In Burning Wheel terms: Will 2-4, Perception 4-6, Power 4-6, Forte 4-6, Agi 4-6, Spd 4-6, Spd Mult x4. LP Skills: Sword, dagger, brawling, stealthy, sorcery, persuasion, observation, aura reading, bow (Gnoll), falsehood, hunting, intimidation, scavenging, skirmish tactics, sleight of hand, sprinting training, survival, throwing, and appropriate wises.

Traits: Gifted

Dogmen do have superior sense of smell and other Gnollish traits, including a natural skill with bows.

Not inclined to wear armor or invest in civilization skills like forgery, disguise, or counterfeiting. They are not climbers,

Can be quite cunning. Trickery and persuasion are valued.


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