Casandra the Cat

Well established female human rogue of York, mentor to Hef.


Casandra Kills Darin

A Chaldea Short Film Idea

If Darin Swartout’s a ghost then he has to have died, right? This short film explains how that happened, while establishing some background on an interesting character from Shadyside.


A woman kills a man who tries to rape her, but then learns that he somehow lived.


In the fantasy city of York, Casandra “the Cat” is a very well established thief. She’s good at what she does, so good she doesn’t even try and hide it. Casandra taught Hef everything he knows about thieving.

One evening Casandra catches the eye of Lord Darin Swartout, who decides he must have her. How this happens, where, and when are up to the writer. But it’s important to note that Casandra would try and cover her tracks, she would not leave it easy for someone to figure out that she was seen with Darin that night.

At some point things take a dark turn. Perhaps Darin is too arrogant, or too demanding; or perhaps he treats Casandra like a peasant who should just be thrilled that a lord is taking any interest in her. Casandra is turned off and decides not to fuck him. Darin insists, forcing himself on her. So, she kills him.

There’s lots of opportunity for cleverness here. At what point did Casandra decide she didn’t like Darin? When did she realize she would have to fight him? Was Darin aware that something was about to go amiss? How did she get Darin to where she could kill him with no witnesses? If they were spied together in a bar, how does she flirt with him or him with her without them being seen together?

After Casandra kills Darin she dumps the body somewhere. Sometime later, Darin shows up in York, apparently alive and well. How did this happen! Casandra goes on the lam or into hiding, cutting ties with Hef and other students. She does this by writing Hef a note and having another student, Marya, a female halfling, deliver it.

Casandra the Cat

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