Dwarven banker from Perth


Buzo is a fairly old, traditional dwarf and banker from Perth.

He is loyal to his clan (led by Vasya), arrives to work precisely at 7am each morning, leaves precisely at 5pm, drinks only on Sundays, and reads everything he can get his hands on. He is single.

Buzo is deeply concerned about keeping the dying community of dwarves as closely knit as possible. Although he is traditional in habit, he believes the dwarves need to unite together and set aside old clan disputes. He has even kept in touch with some dwarf outcasts, like Myrtle Dzirt, and he has encouraged his clan to accept Elven as one of their own. Regarding Elven, he is determined to teach her all about dwarven customs.

Buzo is, of course, quite wealthy as his bank is the only bank in Perth.

Instinct: Advise against any withdrawals from my bank.

Belief: Stay single so that I don’t have to share my wealth with a wife or her family.


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