Bubba Wubba-Hubby Tub Tub

Front line party crasher for DL


Writer’s choice


The destiny of this character is to be a bad guy working for DL who we can retroactively insert into the story line for The First Paladin. The issue is that Darin is too political and DL is too off-camera; we need a bad guy who can meet Robin out in the field and oppose him more physically.

Peter is flexible on where we go with this character, but here is one possible approach.

We’ve established that there are slavers operating in the Greycloak Mountains near Mt. Skarn. This is a great place for a bad guy to base out of. It’s near DL, it’s near Gaunt, and not too terribly far from York, and the PC’s tend to go through this region.

We’re thinking these slavers are a mix of humans and non-humans, but nothing’s set in stone.

We do know that Dirge has distributed slaves for the slavers, and that Sir Ben Celt, a knight in service to the Argyles, knows of the slave trade, permits it in his borders, and takes a cut.

Big opportunity here to create a significant villain, create his or her posse, and develop more about the region.

Need to answer why this character is beholden to DL. Is he or she a ghost? Or perhaps there’s a manipulator in the bunch who is?

And, yes, the writer can change the name of the character!

Bubba Wubba-Hubby Tub Tub

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