Legendary dwarf from the time of dragons



  1. I will kill the orc warlord Golgor and present his head at the Festival of the Forge.
  2. Hval is like a father to me. I will make him proud by finding intelligence that will aid us in the war against the dragons.
  3. Oath to the Lodge of the Sacred Earth: I swear to fight the tyrannical serpent lords, to free those oppressed by them, and protect this earth from them with my life.
  4. Oath to clan: This mountain is my home. It will not sunder. I will protect it as the Father’s righteous thunder.

Relationship: Henri (French pr.). Human, male, connection to the Lodge of the Sacred Earth. Aurvang met Henri when they were both young. Now it’s 44 years later. Aurvang has aged from teen to young adult while Henri has aged from teen to mature. Their friendship is deep. Aurvang saved Henri and his family from some orcs when they were young.

Relationship: Sigurd. Rival to Aurvang in the Stone Wardens, nipping at his heals for the #2 position under Hval. Also an axe bearer. “Once an outcast, always an outcast.”

Relationship: Rikus. Younger brother, connection back to the clan, a mediator to dad. Rikus is anxious to join the army and follow in his older brother’s footsteps. Aurvang is protective. Tail end of his 2nd LP, Noble Ardent, being groomed for the family mining business.

Relationship: Hval. A rough and tumble captain of the Stone Wardens, a local special forces weapon, a small unit of 10. Quotes: “War and orcs.” “There’s a war on!” “Outcast? Whatever.”


The Lodge of the Sacred Earth: A secret organization dedicated to the downfall of dragons.

Tartu: Tartu, also called Freetown, is an out-of-the-way town where one might run across nearly anyone. The town is in the rolling hills that lead into the Trevan Mountains, on the northern edge of the enchanted Garnon Forest. No one is forbidden from the town, although no race is eagerly welcomed either. Dwarves would be particularly brave to go there. There is no obvious means for why the town exists, either, and no obvious means of law enforcement. But somehow, order is kept. The fact that the Lodge of the Sacred Earth has meetings here is just one of many strange happenings in the town.


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