Argyle Blackfield

Male human Baron of Gaunt


Young, born in year 24.


Baron Argyle Blackfield is the first son and first born of the late Thomas Blackfield and the current Dowager Baroness Reece. His younger sister is Lily Blackfield, and contains some family history in the form of a letter from Lily to Alyce Dupook.

Recently declared open rebellion against York and has allied in this with Darin Swartout. Attempted to hold the party hostage for ransom.

Elaborating somewhat on that letter:

Scathbairn is a rugged land and not very wealthy. Not only is challenged economically, it’s eastern border is wild, teaming with orcs, slavers, and other monsters. It shields more civilized areas of Perrin from all kinds of shit and never gets any appreciation for it.

And then the duke totally sets up Argyle’s father 20 years ago by inviting him to a wedding and then ambushing him on some trumped up excuse. Thomas and Reece managed to slip away but then the duke catches up with them near Fiddler’s Bosh and forces Thomas to bend the knee. Given the fact that Duchess Content Not Found: evaine-swartout-de-perring is the king’s sister, the family’s pleas with the king went unanswer.

But Argyle’s daddy was a good noble. He swallowed his pride and served the duke faithfully until his death 2 years ago.

One nice bit of income for the barony was a mine near Mt. Scarn. But the duke annexed it, after the Blackfields laid out all the investment to build the mine. After taking the mine, the barony’s tax basis was NOT altered accordingly and the barony began falling behind on taxes.

When Argyle takes the throne the barony is horribly in debt.

Sir Ben Celt suggests a new way to make money, ally themselves with the slavers in the mountains. Instead of spending money fighting them, tax them.

For some time before he revolted Argyle began building up some wealth by taking a cut of the illegal slave trade, by not paying tribute to the duke, and by not making loan payments to whoever the fuck.

Then Darin shows up, presumably to court Lily, but ends up hatching schemes with Argyle.

Argyle Blackfield

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