Argent is played by Darrell Judd, male human assassin.


Argent is a player character played by Darrell Judd. Darrell, feel free to embellish this page!

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Given Name: Pence Llywelyn D’Argent Mathrafal – Known Name: Argent

Noble born into the ruling family of Azerbaijan ( King Geoffrey Capet D’Argent Mathrafal and Queen Angharad ap Llywelyn), Argent fled the fall of the country to the Kordaavan forces aboard the ship of a trusted ally of the family, Captain Uthred Bambenburg. Life on the seas for the next 18 years as sailor, privateer, and First Mate has taken Argent to many places and exposed him to many cultures. Settling in Port Kar at age 26, Argent learned the streets honing skills on the streets of the infamous port city. Learning the art of the Con – Argent has become accomplished at disguise and deceit. Seeking revenge for his family and himself, Argent has associated himself with the Assassin’s Guild in Port Kar to learn the art of secret killing. Basing himself now in Kansk as the proprietor of a small bar (The Golden Flask), he has been reunited with his old Captain, Uthred who manages The Golden Flask. Argent is now seeking allies to form a strategy against the Kordavan presence in Az.

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Lead to Seafaring, Sailor, First Mate, Lead to City Dweller, Privateer, Criminal, Confidence Man

Age : 35

Argent and Ceylonda

The Misty Raven is a pirate ship. Its first mate is Ceylonda, an elven female. It’s captain is Prince George, a human male. Ceylonda had a male elf friend always by her side, but neither Argent nor Uthred remember his name.

Argent met Ceylonda in Port Facility. She hired Argent and Uthred to help her steal a chest of Imperial tribute from Captain Moore’s ship, the Penguin. Her contribution was that she could guarantee most of the crew would be ashore, that the captain and first mate would both be distracted, and that the ship had this chest of tribute. Argent and Uthred’s contribution was to sneak aboard his ship, take care of any guards if necessary, and steel the chest. Argent and Uthred’s payment—-and they remember the wording precisely was—-“You can have half of whatever you remove from the boat tonight.”

The plan worked perfectly. Most of the crew was drunk at the bar and the captain and first mate were nowhere to be found. There were a couple of guards that Argent and Uthred were able to dispatch without murdering (no use killing good sailors if you don’t need to, that wouldn’t stand you in good stead with the sailor’s guild after all—-one or Argent’s affiliations). Where things did NOT turn out the way Ceylonda planned is that instead of removing loot from the ship, Argent and Uthred (along with a crew they hired) stole the whole ship and sailed away.

Argent hasn’t seen Ceylonda since.

Argent’s position (to anyone who’d listen) was that he didn’t owe Ceylonda anything because they didn’t remove anything from the ship that night.

Technically, Argent is correct.

Btw, Argent is pretty sure there was some chemistry between him and Ceylonda. She’s a hot elven pirate chick, and Argent’s learned that his Mark of Privilege trait works really well on some women. Argent certainly remembers fondly her nice wink when she spoke of meeting later in her hotel room to divvy up the loot. Uthred might point out that maybe it was Ceylonda’s Seduction skill that was in play.


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