Angus Mowbray

Male human knight of Scathbairne


An older knight who suffers from an old chest wound.


Sir Angus Mowbray is old enough to have been one of the loyal knights who fought at the side of Thomas Blackfield against Duke Elliott Swartout II back in year 20.

In this fight, Angus performed valiantly and nobly, besting Sir Francis Martel, knocking him unconscious. There was a moment when it looked like Mowbray and Blackfield might actually engage the duke when Mowbray was intercepted by the duke’s squire, Crispen Dumont. The squire turned out to be a fierce combatant for a squire and managed to best Mowbray.

Rather than let Mowbray retire the field honorably, the duke gave him a chest would while he lay disarmed on the ground, a would that Angus suffers from to this day, causing him to wheeze incessantly.

Mowbray has continued to serve the Blackfields loyally ever since, in spite of his pain and injury. His wheezing is a constant reminder, though, of that fateful day when Thomas bent the knee to the duke.

In The First Paladin Mowbray rides out to greet the PC’s as they arrive in Gaunt in episode 1.

Mowbray is a noble knight, loyal to the Blackfields first and foremost.

Angus Mowbray

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