Angela Tomei

Female human baroness and merchant of Az


About Tomei: Angela Tomei, human, 50 years old, husband Barnaby killed in the war, bitter, tough, shrewd, independent. Older. Angela puts in long hard hours and runs a tight ship. Her only relaxation is Sunday tea with Emelia, Aunt Vie, and daughter Nadia when they tend to knit and get wasted.

- Son: Devon, 34, learning the business. Serious, studious, sad.
- Daughter: Nadia, 32, married to Baron Torros, has children by him. Home on Sundays.
- Son: Mikael, 30, joined the army against mum’s wishes, and has done well. Rebellious. Stationed with the 7th Legion, only comes home for important family get-togethers.
- Aunt: Vie, 65 years old, spunky, connected. Inspiration: Snappy.

- Argyle. Monitors the Great Forum of Trade and Craft, often accompanied by Devon.

Business: Merchant of spider silk. Buys from hunters that take it from giant spiders in the Dire Forest. Her company is Excell Trading. She’s learned almost everything you need to know about Spider Silk and she has the Trade License (from Fitzpatrick) for Spider Silk Export for Kansk. If you want to buy, it has to be through her. She is taxed heavily.

Home: Fortified manor outside Kansk. Supporting township is Holchen. Farming is good.

- Emelia, aging socialite. SUNDAYS

Lucian, Retired Knight
Martin, Squire
Several men at arms, leather, swords

Angela Tomei

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