Vishkon PCs, Session 011

A creepy voyage

Present: Balin, Garvin, Elven, Umod Dzirt, Szazarac.

Having learned that Elven’s father, Duanor Dzirt, is off killing dragons in Perin the adventurers made their way to the docks of Saratov to book safe passage.

They booked passage on The Ocean Harvest, a fine looking caravel with a motley crew but a well-mannered Captain Ulmat. On the morning of departure they encounters Yurgo “Warz” Ashenskya, the dockmaster, who stared suspiciously at the ship with his good eye, while his floating eye perceived God knows what. When asked about the weather he replied, “Do I look like a fucking astrologist?”, waving his arm stump at the heavens before stumbling off on his peg leg.

Captain Ulmat gave them a tour of the ship and showed them their place in the common area below-deck, leaving them strict instructions that the lower hold was off limits. He also told Elven to keep her spider in the rigging, that Szazarac would get shot with a crossbow if he touched the deck.

Of course the best way to get adventurers to go where you want them is to tell them it’s off limits. It took a couple of days at sea before the party had an opening where the access to the lower hold wasn’t under watch. In the meantime they had observed a terrible stench coming up from below, which Elven mistook for decaying flesh.

Garvin took below to investigate. A few minutes later Garvin returned screaming in terror for he had beheld a Deep One - as in the deformed humanoid amphibious men-fish followers of Cthulhu who occasionally interbreed with humans. Of course Garvin didn’t know all this detail, just that an otherworldly monstrous eye surprised him and, after failing the steel test, Houston decided it might be best to Run Screaming instead of Stand and Drool alone with the monster.

As Garvin came fleeing up the ladder the first mate, Kelton, a tall cruel beast of a man came down to see what the commotion was about. He warned Garvin he wasn’t to go below and hauled him off to the captain. The party followed but a couple of sailors kept them at distance. After the captain confronted Garvin about going below Garvin expressed curiosity about an old tome that he saw in the captain’s possession. He couldn’t read the title but the subtitle read, “Visions of the mad Somacian.” The captain invited Garvin back to dinner to learn more.

For dinner, Garvin surprised the Captain by bringing Elven to dinner with him. Suspicious, Balin waited outside the door with Kelton, who also stood guard. Unfortunately, the wine was poisoned and Elven was immediately incapacitated and Garvin nearly so. Balin heard the commotion and yelled for Szazarac, who came to the rescue through the captain’s window. Balin easily dispatched Kelton and joined Szazarac in dispatching the captain.

Balin, Garvin, Elven, and Szazarac came out on deck just in time to rescue Umod who was in a massive brawl with the rest of the sailors and was about to be overpowered.



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