Saratov PCs, Session 015

Lost at Sea

Present: Mavra Chang, Vecna, Prince Kalibar, Ada Loban Nythil, Kwell Geldzahn, Pavel, Serakka Cloudforge, Yakov, and Smirnoff.

Before Leaving Saratov

Emperor Kordaava invites Mavra to dinner in his quarters. He sends his personal counselor, Guille (Aimilian) to pick her up in a gilded carriage. Guille has a friendly disarming disposition, the consummate butler, etiquette off the charts, “I’ve arrived with the bar!”

The dinner is “informal” by Imperial standards and “intimate” in that Mavra is Kordaava’s only guest but of course it’s never truly private as they are waited on hand and foot and there’s a sense that guards are within easy reach. Kordaava thanks Mavra for the use of her ship in his battle against Roofdrak and gives her a gift, a magical sail, perfectly fitted for the Markovian. The sail is of exquisite workmanship with intricate golden threads along the seams, Mavra’s sigil across one side, Kordaava’s on the other. See the Celestial Wind entry under Items.

Viktor proposes a smuggling opportunity to Mavra, “How do you feel about human cargo that wishes to avoid ‘Emperial entanglements’?” Mavra says yes and is introduced to Montegue, Sir, who asked to meet Mavra before committing to the deal.

Kwell’s family organizes a send-off party for Kwell, Serakka, and their friends, a private party at the Chaldean Prime. The PC’s meet several of the crazy dwarven relatives: Therbotran, Grantal, Maulfist, and Haggaih, along with some other influential dwarves like Eli Graybeard (who shares the fascinating story of Elven). A dwarven midwife named Beatrice performs a fertility blessing. Kwell and Serakka are both given very large diamonds of 50 cts plus. “To help finance the ritual, but yours to keep if you can bargain for the ritual without them.”

Lalfroth gives Vecna three new spells.

Kalibar gets a letter from Farth Dunn. “I hear you’re looking for Lum. He used to run with a guy named Saul, who might have a clue as to how to find Lum. Saul is currently held prisoner on Dorsang in the Tongued Fortress.”

We established that Kalibar has several older brothers and sisters.

We established that Vecna does not know Lum the Mad.

Lost at Sea

Mavra used a Seven Seas-Wise test to establish that once a year the Royal Camberland Yacht Club hosts a race around the island of Dorsang and that for this race there is an amnesty. Pirates and other criminals of the high seas can participate without fear of arrest.

The party boards on the Markovian and sails up the coastline to Pavladov and then heads west to Dorsang. Unfortunately, Mavra doesn’t know about the “Dorsang Drift” which often causes captains to miss Dorsang altogether and sail past it. Like Mavra, for example. The ship is lost at sea in calm waters for several days before a wind picks up. There ends up being a water shortage because the last two casks of water are mislabeled, they actually contain cod liver oil instead. Several of the crew get sick from dehydration and one of the pilgrims with Montegue dies at sea. Kwell drinks the cod liver oil as if it were water, thinking it will help his seed for the upcoming ritual with Isis. He drinks far too much of it and gets sick and even hallucinates.

The ship eventually encounters a squadron of agitars flying pegasi. The agitars don’t engage or offer to help but shadow the party for some time. The ship finds land but instead of Dorsang they are NW of Aimil. They follow the coastline and eventually reach Aimil waters. The agitars stop shadowing them there and they are met with an Aimilian warship, The Marquee, a three-masted caravel commanded by Captain Cheval. Cheval escorts them to the Aimil city of Vichy.

The Aimilians are somewhat distrusting and hold Vecna (and Pavel?) as guests on the Cheval while the party reprovisions. To party has trouble paying for all the taxes and reprovisioning costs. Kwell goes on land to find the local district manager for M3, Dargon Heggleford, who gets the costs waived. But while visiting Dargon Kwell gets sick from drinking too much cod liver oil.



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