Az PCs, Session 014

The Grey Citadel

Attending: Argent, Shadon, Vol, Siri

Argent circles up Dmitri, a former cabin boy, young guy, pick pocket, 16 year old, who has done time. Barely makes the Ob 1 roll. Dmitri confirms that while not a pleasant place, Moore’s jail isn’t a tomb of horrors either. Argent and Ceylonda decide they can let Bruno cool his heals for awhile and seek a political solution to his release instead of a jailbreak.

Argent takes Siri and Vol to see Baroness Tomei. As always, the baroness is prim and proper. They meet in her “court” which is a simple hall with a large desk and she is dressed conservatively with a blue high-color dress. The top of her desk is bare. Her steward, Argyle, brings forth papers or ink if needed. Argent thanks the Baroness for sending Sir Lucian. The baroness is stiff as usual but seems genuinely stunned to have an elf in her home. Siri brings some tea. Siri and Vol make a collective etiquette test and pass; Tomei invites them to return in 3 Sundays for tea with the girls.

Argent explains the opportunity with the spiders and the need for 200 sheep. Tomei agrees to providing half the cost and the effort. She will deliver them to the Black River. Argent and Shadon will rescue Souza.

Shadon visits the tree and updates Tilith on goings on.

The Gray Citadel

The party recalls (after some prodding by the GM) that Garrond the White gave them a significant clue about how the captured elves were being taken to the Gray Citadel. Perhaps an opportunity to take the hunter by surprise for once. From the roden they learn that they could approach the citadel from underground, coming up through the sewers.

Vol does some research and finds in Mirador’s hall of records maps to the citadel. Voila! It’s built near a military fortress north of the Black River.

Get leads Argent, Shadon, Siri, and Vol through the sewer system. Eventually they get near the citadel and take a steep narrow tributary up to just below the citadel. There is a long shaft with an iron ladder leading up, capped with an iron grate. Shadon and Siri cast threne of the chameleon and Argent uses stealth to climb up. Siri also casts spirit servant. At the top of the ladder Shadon can hear some creature scurrying around, noisily due to the rock. The shaft opens up into a cavernous room.

Siri’s servant busts open the grate and the adventurers pour out to face a formian warrior. Who knows what fate led him to serve in the basement of the hunter’s lair? Shadon dispatches the giant ant in a single swing after Argent’s crossbow fails to penetrate its carapace.

The party presses on and finds four prison cells with several humans and an elf - Eladamari! Eladamari informs Vol to watch for Tilion, who was taken from them recently.
The party presses on and reaches the ground floor of the citadel. Here they fight a desperate fight with an ogre wielding a large hammer and a plate breastplate. Shadon delivers a strong blow but instead of the ogre dieing instantly like all Shadon’s other opponents it’s merely a light wound. Oh oh. The ogre swings back and delivers a B9 severe wound to Shadon, crushing his hip. This gets the parties attention and they slowly wear the ogre down. The ogre doesn’t manage to get any more solid hits in.

The take time to investigate the ground floor of the citadel, recover Tilion, and drag Shadon back to safety.



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