Az PCs, Session 013

Shadon survives attack from the hunter

Attending: Siri, Vol, Argent, Shadon

Trait Vote

The play group holds its first trait vote. We play strictly according to the procedure outlined in the AdBu. The GM establishes a limit of 2 traits per character, only one of which can be a Dt or C-O trait. We ended up breaking this guideline in the case where a character received unanimous votes and the tie-breaking vote resulted in another tie.

As a result of the trait vote Argent gained Iron Will, Street Smart, and Obscure Past and lost Sailor’s Oath and his Letter of Marquee has expired; Shadon gained Killer; Vol gained Sonorous Voice and Wise Aphorisms; and Siri gained Obscure Aura and Lucky.

Shadon Saved by Grey Armor

Get and his mixed crew of roden and humans are smuggling Argent, Shadon, Ceylonda, and L’yon in the river boat with the secret smuggling compartment in the keel. They sail past the mouth of the Black River into the harbor (past the senses of Garrond the White) and find the Misty Raven. They approach the pirate ship from the stern and exchange seagull calls with Smiley and Barefoot on board. The coast is clear! The four, along with Get, climb aboard.

Unbeknownst to the party, the “elf-hunter” has been staking out the Misty Raven, knowing that at least the elven pirates would eventually return here. He’s in luck, Shadon is with them! He stands to fire from a warehouse rooftop at extreme range. Shadon has a chance of seeing him before he fires, it’s an Ob 8 Observation test. Only 7 successes! The hunter fires his “size large” great bow. 10d versus Ob 4, hits with a bonus success. +1 to DoF, GM rolls a 2. It’s a B10 wound! Time for Shadon’s armor roll. 5d + 3d persona (doesn’t want to miss this) for 8 armor dice. But the armor is grey! That makes the difference and he gets the necessary Ob 4. (Ob 1 base + 2 VA for arrow +1 VA for power of the bow)

The arrow hits Shadon right in the chest but fails to penetrate the armor. It lifts him up off his feet and slams his back and head into a mast. Just scrapes and bruises. The hunter is clearly spotted with his silhouette in the moonlight, 9’ tall, muscular, hip-length dreds, weapons, quiver of javelins, black.

The hunter runs away.

The party confers in Ceylonda’s state room. Chief shows up and informs the group that half the sailors are with a local knight, Sir Lucian, holed up in the Golden Flask. They’ve taken to arms and “kept the party going” for five days and nights, taking shifts sleeping under tables or in the back room. “Bad news, they got Bruno.”

Chief and L’yon urge Ceylonda to get the Misty Raven and its crew to safety. They discuss their knowledge of the local coast and agree that Crock Cove would be best due to its commanding view of any approach. It’s half a day’s journey south along the coast by horseback or boat. Ceylonda turns command of the Misty Raven over to L’yon and instructs him to take her crew there, except for Chief, who will run errands, and herself. Ceylonda stays to “secure her investment” and rescue Bruno.

Ceylonda, Shadon, Chief, and Argent board the roden craft and Get maneuvers them directly across the street from the Golden Flask. Argent thanks Get and releases him to return to his kind; he is relieved to finally be heading back to the Black River. The four sneak to the Golden Flask. With two elves and a roden, Argent is the “Slowest and Loudest” and must make the Sneak roll. They all duck past the two bobbies on guard without problem and sneak into the Golden Flask through the roof hatch.

The Golden Flask is rocking. With all the sailors and soldiers here it’s a busy place and that’s brought in locals. It must be 2am with 20 people in there. Thank goodness it’s not the Fish Women’s night. One of Lucian’s men-at-arms is standing out front as doorman. From the loft, Argent gets Uthred’s attention by spitting a pea at him. Uthred brings Lucian up to the loft.

Uthred downloads the party on what’s been happening at the Golden Flask, where Sir Lucian and 5 of his soldiers have camped for several days to help protect Uthred and keep the place secure should Argent come in blind and also protect the Misty Raven if necessary. With all these armed patrons, it would be a tough haul for the bobbies to bring them in. Chief reports that it’s odd that the army hasn’t been upon. The party concludes that Moore must be trying to keep this low key.

The party decides that now that Argent and Uthred are reunited and now that Ceylonda and L’yon are back and are leaving with the Misty Raven they can simply close down shop. The sailors return to the Misty Raven. On the way they grab the two bobbies and later throw them into the harbor on their way out to sea. It’ll be hours before they report in.

Lucian and his 5 soldiers, all on horseback, take Argent, Ceylonda, Shadon, and Uthred to Mirador’s.

Durgoth Engages Mirador in a Duel of Wits

Siri and Vol are just winding down from their duel of wits with Agate in the previous session. They’ve experienced firsthand the compelling warmth and comfort of the dwarven kitchen. It’s well past midnight and the clan baker has arrived to start baking bread for the next day. After a night of lively discussion and a unique sharing of three women of different races (human, elven, and dwarf) and a bond deepened by dwarven ale (we’ll escalate to nog in a future session) the women finally enjoy a moment of silence. Thoughts drift naturally to wondering about the sleeping arrangements.

It is a moment only as the silence is quickly interrupted by sounds of arguing elsewhere in the keep. Perhaps it was there in the background all the time. Agate looks curious and starts off in the direction of the voices with Siri and Vol in tow.

As the women get closer to the noise they hear a large crash and Agate scurries a bit faster. The sounds are coming from Mirador’s study. As they approach they hear Mirador yelling in his loudest, angriest stentorious debate, spittle is flying, and he is raining down chastisement upon Durgoth about how Sivitis has absolute power, he could seize all their lands and throw them in the gulag, how Mirador has to think about the welfare of the clan and all the women and children, and all for a bunch of stupid elves – at this moment Agate opens the door – Mirador looks and locks eyes with Vol. Mirador then jumps across the room and starts to strangle Durgoth. Two axebearers arrive but Agate keeps them from intervening in the fight, “Let them tussel, probably good for ‘em.” Durgoth seems passive in the assault. After, Mirador perhaps overreacts, announcing that it’s time for the entire clan to pack up the valuables and button down the hatches, expect an assault by legionaires, and prepare for hajr. “Prepare the explosives!” “Secure the vaults!” “Get ready for Hajr!” Mirador storms off.

Durgoth reports that he won the duel of wits. Mirador has agreed to stand beside Baelianavel in the Court of Sivitis.

Party Reunited, Hodgkins gains an apprentice

As the sun is coming up over the planes to the east Sir Lucian’s band arrives with the rest of the party. Quarters are arranged and the party confers for a bit on next steps before eventually succumbing to fatigue.

Later in the day, after a rest, Siri meets Hodgkins, the dwarven brewmaster, in the kitchen. It’s an awkward introduction as Hodgkins isn’t sure who she is or even what gender she is. “Without facial hair, I can’t tell human women from men.” Siri compliments Hodgkins on his dwarven ale and asks for the recipe. He’s not going to give it up easily but Siri presses the matter and asks for a test. Ob 4 Persuasion. Since she doesn’t have Persuasion it’s an Ob 8 Will test. She dumps in the persona, get’s some help from Vol, makes use of her new Lucky trait, and wins the test!

Much to Siri’s dismay and the amusement of the party, however, she learns that this is not going to be as simple as an afternoon in the kitchen. Learning to brew dwarven ale takes years.

“It starts with the grain,” Hodkins explains as he leads Siri off to the mill.

Vol Explores the Library

Agate introduces Vol to Seneschal Alden, the clan chronicler, and notices he is too young for his position of prominence (Ob 3 dwarf-wise test to figure out something is amiss. Beginners luck, Ob 6, 6 perception plus forks for ballad of history and etiquette. Misses, but 3 6’s and a fate turns it into a success.)

She spends some time reading about dwarven history and their heroes. And demons.

Vol spends time researching botany. Fails to find a book on underground dwarven botany but finds a book on grains.

Vol researches the hunter but finds nothing.

Vol researches about dwarves and elves but finds little. Although she does find a text about the “sale” of the dire forest to the elven kingdom after they moved into the area.



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