Az PCs, Session 011

Siri pushes her luck

Present: Argent, Durgoth Derlahn, Siriwattinaya, Shadon Rahl, and Vol.

Looking back at the prior session XiaoWen decided that Siri would not have fled the coliseum after the freeing the elven gladiators, figuring that she had a chance of convincing Brunitis that she was not associated with the action.

Vol also lingers about with the other entertainers, behind the stage, in the “green room” sipping cocktails. As a result of her great performance she got three offers from agents to represent her; she said yes to the one who promised her bookings in Saratov.

Argent, Durgoth, and Shadon took off, however, with the goal of a rendezvous at the Royal Oak outside the Melboron Seluciden memorial.

Not long after the escape, Soren, the doctori for House Brunitis came to fetch Cassius to prepare him for his first site, only to discover the incapacitated guards and escaped elves. Immediately he began a frantic search and called for Brunitis. Brunitis and Soren learned that an elf (Shadon) had participated in the break-out and immediately suspected Siri’s involvement. Brunitis and Soren went to medical and confronted Siri, asking her straight up if she knew anything about this or was involved in any way. Siri lied and said “no”, but since she didn’t have Falsehood it was an Ob 8 beginners luck roll. Even with generous doses of Help dice from party members she missed with 7 successes.

Brunitis knows she’s lieing but doesn’t know what her involvement is exactly. He tries to get information from her using Interrogation with forks from Intimidation and Torture. “Tell me what you know!” he yells at the top of his lungs while grabbing at her throat hard and slamming her against the wall, inflicting a Su wound, which she shrugs off. He fails to break her will, in part because he is in a hurry to get back to the games and make substitutions. Brunitis locks her in Medical and assigns a guard as he leaves with the doctori.

Siri casts chameleon, plus opening up Stealthy, hides in the Medical. The guard can’t figure out where she went so he runs off for another guard. They both come back and look around for her, but in the process open the door and she slips out. Whew!

Siri and Vol catch up with the rest of the party at the Royal Oak and meet with Tilith. They hear the following story from Cassius and Raphael regarding their enslavement:

  • Raphael: Hunter, not a ranger. Armed with a elven bow and a knife.
  • Cassius: Ranger. Leather armor, elven bow, sword.
  • Was alone in the woods picking berries (Raphael) or hunting wild turkeys (Cassius).
  • Raphael: Just felt a pinprick on his arm, then darkness come over him.
  • Cassius: Recalls getting hit with a javelin and got a good look at it before he lost consciousness. The javelin was shorter than any human or elven javelins he’d seen, golden-colored, without fletching.
  • Awoke bound, hooded, and chained. Could tell they were in a small boat, water was mostly calm but with some rapids, could smell the forest nearby, heard birds native to the Dire Forest. Also heard humans voices and one man referred to as Captain Ohsay Adbay. The humans were vicious and cruel. If the elves made any noises they were kicked, hard, with steel-toed boots - but never in the face. Took about a day. Eventually started to hear the increasing levels of sound from approaching a human city. Were taken from the boat and thrown into a cart.
  • Taken on a short cart-ride with orders to keep quiet or get the boot. The cart took them to a building. Outside the building there was an echo, like a courtyard, and they heard a human trader hawking elven jewelry, embroidery, and silks, and some human performers trying to sing the elven spellsong of meriment, but poorly.
  • In this building they were taken down underground and thrown into a cell. Here they were starved, abused, and mistreated for several weeks until sold to Brunitis. They were transported to the Ludus bound, gagged, and hooded as before. No new information except that the ride to Brunitis was through the city and took quite a long time.
  • According to Brunitis they were legally purchased as legitimate slaves. He claimed he had papers to prove ownership, that they were criminals who had been sentenced to slavery for rape. Raphael saw his papers but couldn’t read them.

Vol sings a song of lament for them. The song is touching, but the party knows that their grief is too great to be undone by one song. During the song Ceylonda backs away from the party. She appears to want no part in it, nor does she seems that thrilled to meet Tilith.

Shadon approaches Ceylonda, chastising her for her disdain of elven ways. She scoffs at him. He asks what happened to her that would driver her so far away. She laughs, “You and I don’t know each other well enough to have some sort of bond that would cause me to share with you my grief.” Then Shadon gets his 1000 yard stare, “When hope returns, you will return to our ways and the light will be reignited.”

With Tilith’s help the party spirits away Cassius and Raphael to Shadon’s Spring, where they are joined three days later by Baelianavel and a couple other members of course, including Faeinar, a female Etharch minister of trade. Faeinar and Durgoth explore some interesting trade opportunities for Mirador. Baelianavel sets up a 4d resources fund to help with the rescues of the elves.

Baelianavel suggests that he will reach out to the Azerbaijan diplomatic corps about visiting Kansk, where he should stay, policies, etc. This is a prelude toward Baelianavel meeting Mirador - after Durgoth warms him up. The goal is that Mirador is enlisted in Baelianavel’s approach to Sivitis.

Durgoth uses Kansk-Wise to know Mirador’s status in Sivitis’s eyes but fails the roll. Mirador brags about meeting with Sivitis but Durgoth knows he could simply be bragging. All Durgoth knows for sure is that Mirador knows Sivitis. No idea the standing.



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