Az PCs, Session 008

An introduction to the Asianic Continent was made:
• Most of the Asianic is controlled by the Celestial Empire
• Dragons rule the Empire
• The Celestial Empire is controlled by the Celestial Dragon – as far back as recorded human history.

Scene I: Kansk

Siriwattinaya (Siri) is having a typical day at her villa on the outskirts of Kansk. Patients come and are treated and sent on their way. Weary from a hard morning and afternoon’s work, Siri lies down and takes a nap in the warmth of the afternoon. A dream comes to Siri. But this dream seems unusual and mystical. In the dream she sees the waterfront dock district of Kansk. The the image of a man appears – he is tall, with dark hair and is in a room containing scattered tables and chairs. There are others in the room at the tables, but their figures are blurry and Siri cannot see their faces but she hears one of the figures say a name. “Argent.” The scene transitions. There is a sign suspended from two chains. Carved in the sign is a drinking flask. Above the image, written in common, is the word “Golden” and underneath the carving is the word “Flask.”

Siri wakes from her dream and ponders its meaning. Suddenly, she rises, gathers her physician’s bag containing instruments and potions and heads down to the docks of Kansk. After strolling around for a while and not seeing anything recognizable, she stops at one of the docks where workers are loading a ship and asks one of the men “where is the Golden Flask?” He looks at her, scrunches his brow and says, “Golden Flask? Hmmmm. I’m not sure.” Siri then tells him she is looking for Argent. “Oh, Argent! Oh Yeah, The Gold Flask, that’s his place. Just keep going down the Font here, ‘til you’re almost to the end, near where the road to the coliseum is. His place is down there.” Siri thanks the man for his help and walks down the waterfront towards the intersection. Getting close, she notices a wooden sign hanging from an iron rod sticking straight out of the wall of a 2 story wooden building. “The Golden Flask.”

It is late afternoon at the Golden Flask. A few customers remain, nursing their drinks and making conversation. Uthred stands behind the bar polishing glasses while Argent tends to a table. A loud voice on the street out front penetrates the thick heavy wooden door. “Come and watch the Games! House Barinitus brings you the most fearsome Gladiator battles of the season! Come and watch the wild and fearsome Elves battle in the Arena!”

Argent throws a look back towards Uthred whose eyebrows rise in questioning disbelief as Argent heads for the door. Pushing the door open Argent steps out looking for the Crier. A gust of wind catches a paper pasted to the oaken timbers of the door and Argent sees two caricatures of elves with swords and shields drawn on it and a description similar to the Crier’s booming call. “WTF?!” Argent says under his breath as he looks down the waterfront.

As Argent looks left down the waterfront he sees a woman looking up at the sign of The Golden Flask, eyes wide and staring. She glances down at the sign and their eyes meet. There seems to be a look of recognition on the Lady’s face. Argent unconsciously thinks of the term “Lady” – there is nobility in that face and grace in her movements. Immediately Argent invites her into the bar for a drink and she graciously accepts.

Introductions are made and light conversation ensues as they become acquainted. An instant connection is made as Argent discovers Siriwattinaya is from far to the West and is a Physician here in Kansk for about a year. She seems to be the kind of person who would get along well with Argent’s circle of friends so he arranges introductions and after several outings the circle of friends is increased by one more.

Argent brings up the new knowledge of the Elves that are supposed to be fighting in the Games. This causes consternation among the group and calls for immediate action. Some believe this information should immediately be taken to Tilith, but others caution and propose more information should be obtained on these gladiatorial Elves. Several plans are proffered, and the group settles on an excellent idea from Durgoth & Siri. They propose Siri offers her medical services to the Lanista of Brunitus and Durgoth will come along as her agent.

Scene II – Brunitus’ Lanista

Tools of the trade in hand, Siri and Durgoth set out to the Lanista which is outside of Kansk. As they approach the complex Durgoth stoops down and picks up a stone from the road. He smells it. He fondles it both hands. He licks it. He rubs it on his face and in his beard. Siri looks on with raised eyebrows and then notices a pair of eyes peering through a small barred window of the Lanista door. She nudges Durgoth who, with a look of disappointment mutters, “Hmmmm. Nothing of value. Dumb stone!”

The pair approaches the door and after several conversations with increasingly important underlings, finally talk to someone who has enough intelligence and authority to open the door and pass the offering of physician services to Brunitus himself.

Brunitus enters and offers the daring duo a seat and some refreshments. They explain that Siri is a physician offering her services to the Lanista. Brunitus asks many knowledgeable questions about wounds, medicines, anatomy, and treatments. Siri’s answers are more than correct. Her knowledge of the subject impresses Brunitus to such a degree as for him to declare he has never met such a skilled physician!

However, he is suspicious of the offer of “free services" and, with narrowed eyes, asks “Why would you offer your services free when clearly you are very skilled?” Durgoth leans forward and locks eyes with Brunitus and with the best honest face, and sincere eyes he can muster, declares that Siri is new to the area and is seeking to build up her clientele. Siri also speaks up and says that the free offer is a free examination of the gladiators so that she can give an honest appraisal of treatment and costs. Brunitus looks from one to the other and any thought of duplicitous motives flees his mind as he gleefully anticipates engaging the services of the best physician in Kansk!

Brunitus arranges for the pair to examine the gladiators in the Lanista’s surgery. One by one the men are brought in, finally, an Elf is brought in. He listlessly responds to requests and questions. His name is Raphael and is clearly depressed and remote. He says he is from the Dire Forest, but when Siri presses him for more details, he declares he wouldn’t want any Elf to see him here and brusquely declares the examination over and leaves the room. The next Elf to enter seems more upbeat, and responds much better to questions. Cassius is less resigned than his compatriot, Siri and Durgoth learn that the pair of Elves are indeed from the Dire Forest and were brought here within the past 18 months. Neither Elf responded to Dugoth’s declaration that “Vol says For” so they know neither one is her Betrothed. They do not want to raise suspicion and have taken too much time already. The next man to be examined is brought to the door and there are no more questions for Cassius.

Siri relays her examination results to Brunitus and an arrangement, brokered by the wily Durgoth, is made for retaining her services.

Dice & Artha

Siri spends 1 Persona and 1 Fate to make the astonishing rolls securing her place in the eyes of Brunitus:
Routine Surgery Test B3 + 4 Forks + 1 Persona + 1 Fate:
XiaoWen Wu: rolled 8d6: 1, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, total=35
XiaoWen Wu: rolled 3d6: 5, 6, 6, total=17
XiaoWen Wu: rolled 2d6: 2, 3, total=5

Siri leaves the Lanista with 4 Cash dice. Nice!
1 Fate (goals)
1 Fate (right time right place skill!)
1 Persona (game play)
1 Persona (embodiment)
1 Persona(Best Supporting Actor)

Durgoth spends 1 Persona and while opening Falsehood with Beginner’s Luck and a call-in with Aura of Innocence. Another astounding roll secures the scene at the Lanista!
1 Fate (goals)
1 Persona ( game play)
1 Persona ( MVP )

Think about Durgoth’s Faithful trait for next time (voting)

1 Fate (goals)
1 Persona (game play)

2 Fate (goals)
1 Persona

1 Fate (goals)
1 Persona (game play)



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