Az PCs, Session 007

Argent and Ceylonda Join Forces

Characters: Vol, Durgoth Derlahn, Argent, Shadon Rahl.
Notes provided by Simon.

Scene 1

Location: Golden Flask
Characters: All PC’s
Action: Discussion revealing that Celonda’s companion is indeed a Priest of Raa. The conversation flowed into the state of our beliefs in general. Talked about the 3 legs of Kordaava’s reign: financial, spiritual and martial. The group was informed of each others goings on. Discussed 2 leads for the missing Elves; Celonda and the half Orcs. Vol purchased some leather armour.

Scene 2

Location: Victors House of Gambling, Golden Flask
Characters: All PC’s, Celonda, Lione, Chaplin Bruno, Chief
Action: Vol sang Song of Songs to aid Shandon’s Cloke of the Chamelion. Argent walks into the Gambling Hall to be seen by some old patrons of his own fine establishment they hail his arrival with a boisterous greeting. The rest of the party manages to enter without notice. Celonda and Lione are gambling. Lione puts down his hand and walks over to the bar to take Argent up on his offer of a drink. Lione introduces Durgoth to Chaplin Bruno. The Dwalf and the chaplin have a drink, discussioin, and arrange to meet again. Vol and Lione make acquaintance. Celonda puts down her hand of cards after a time. She and Argent decide to take this party back to the Golden Flask. Shadon stays concealed. The party is introduced to Chief, a small …rodent man… loaded to the gunnels with an adventurer’s kit. He is a companion of Celonda’s and ‘Covers there Tracks’. The two parties sit across from one another at a long table. Celonda turns to Vol and asks for her rendition of the events surrounding the disappearance of the 6 elves. Vol outlines the events and tells of her personal loss… She sings a Song of History to clarify the tale. Celonda tells a tale of two elves. The way she hears it…a Lady of pleasure Sakura has them seconded on a floating residence anchored in Saratov Harbor. The Elves were rumored to be sold by Kansk’s Inspector More, the Chief of Police. The group decided that Argent and his companions would start the tracking from Inspector More up the ladder to his Elf supplier. The goal is to find this group or individual, stop them and take their stuff.

Scene 3

Location: Kansk Police Station
Characters: Durgoth, inspector More
Action: Durgoth went for a chat with Inspector More on behalf of his uncle Mirridor. He was met by a belligerent attitude and responded in kind. The Argument finished with Durgoth storming out after confronting More. Durgoth accused More of lying about his knowledge of where the elves are.

An Alternate Account

Darrell also penned an account of tonight’s session, as follows:

In the dim but comfortable surroundings of The Golden Flask, the unlikely group of allies sat around a worn table and discussed their options. It seemed their best source of help in finding the missing Elves of the Dire Forest was Ceylonda, the beautiful but dangerous pirate Elf and her companions, another elf L’yon, and The Chaplain Bruno, a human. Argent had noticed in a previous encounter that Bruno wore a symbol of Ra and determined that his Dwarf friend, Durgoth should meet this man as Durgoth himself was a follower of Ra.

Viktor’s House of Gaming was not too far from The Golden Flask and the companions set out to see if Ceylonda and her crew were there. Vol made a successful attempt to make herself inconspicuous while Argent stumbled in through the door with his usual aplomb as shouts of “Argent!” rang around the busy room. Alas, the familiar face of a local bar owner requires more serious preparations if one is to go unnoticed…. Shadon, meanwhile, with a slight smile and a faraway look began humming a tune before he entered the gambling hall.

Viktor’s was busy that night. Noisy calls for luck, hurrying barmaids, clinking glasses, laughter and noisy conversation filled the room. In the smoky haze Argent spotted Ceylonda and L’yon at a gaming table. Ceylonda had a satisfied look on her face with a comfortable stack of chips in front of her while L’yon looked a bit peeved with a considerably shorter stack of chips. Argent caught L’yon’s eye and with a nod indicated a space at the bar. L’yon tossed a glance at Ceylonda and the companions caught a nearly imperceptible nod of her head. L’yon pushed himself away from the gaming table and gracefully wove his way to the polished bar, seating himself next to a tall and handsome human – Bruno, the charismatic Chaplain of the Misty Raven.

Introductions are made and Argent buys a round of drinks. Durgoth, amiable and direct as usual, strikes up a conversation with Bruno. Bruno, distant and a bit of a wiseass, keeps Durgoth at arm’s length for a little while until Durgoth reveals his faith in Ra and his extreme dislike for all things relating to Set and the Empire. Durgoth, sensing an honest appeal for knowledge in the ways of Ra suddenly warms and displays a heretofore hidden sincerity in his response.
L’yon and Vol strike up an easy conversation and Vol, with her honesty and skill with the spoken word, appraises L’yon of her quest to find the missing Elves and reveals she has been studying Bardic Lore in Dorsang – a place the well-traveled L’yon is familiar with. Discovering that Vol isn’t just an innocent elf maid of the forest, but an educated and travelled bard shifts L’yon’s attitude in a positive direction.

Meanwhile, Shadon is completely overlooked in the busy gambling hall, allowing him to observe the patrons and the ebb and flow of activity. He spots, of all things, a Rodyn sneaking about the room making observations of its own. It ends up at the feet of Ceylonda keeping an ever watchful eye on the surrounding activity.

Having won an acceptable amount at the Pentacles table, Ceylonda pushes away from the game with a satisfied smirk and joins her and Argent’s companions at the bar. Ceylonda gives Argent a light hug and kiss on the cheek and Argent returns the kiss and captures her hands as they slyly reach for his knife and coin purse. Ceylonda tosses her head back and with a sultry laugh says “quick as ever Argent,” to which he replies, “hands as lovely as ever my dear.” Ceylonda introduces the Rodyn as “Chief” and suggests they adjourn to a more private setting. Argent suggests The Golden Flask as a secure location and the party leaves Viktor’s and heads down towards the waterfront. Chief shadows the group staying well to the rear, oblivious that he too is being Shadoned. [sic]

The Golden Flask is almost empty this late in the night. Uthred sees the group enter and politely but firmly escorts the last patron out. Argent holds the door open and asks Ceylonda if Chief is coming in and the Rodyn slides slyly into the bar with a quick flick of his tail, his eyes darting around the room taking the setting in at a glance. Argent hesitates in closing the door just enough to allow Shadon to slip, still unnoticed, into the main room of The Golden Flask.

Ranged around a large table Argent centered on one side and Ceylonda on the other flanked by their respective companions, the conversation begins in earnest. At first the pirate captain and her crew seem fairly disinterested in the plight of the missing Elves. Vol sings a Song of History naming each missing Elf and while the crew of the Misty Raven seems to appreciate the talented voice, they still appear unmoved. However, when the companions reveal that the Elves are Rangers from the Dire Forest and not helpless village youngsters Ceylonda and her associates become very interested – an individual powerful enough to capture these skilled elves must have treasure and magic! Ceylonda then reveals that she has heard that two male elves have been sold to a house of pleasure in Saratov run by the infamous Sakura and the seller is non-other than the Chief of Police, Inspector Moore, of Kansk.

The discussion side tracks to what kind of a being could be powerful enough to capture the elves and there is a guess that it could be a Demon or some other non-human. At this time Shadon, lounging against the wall behind Ceylonda’s party, chooses to reveal himself by saying “You know, demons are not so easy to catch.” Needless to say the Misty Raven crew is startled and on their feet, hands reaching for weapons as Shadon advances from the shadows.

Argent assures them that Shadon is with them and introductions are made all around. Ceylonda glances at Shadon several times and is put off by the distant look in his eyes and inquires if he is OK. He snaps back to the moment and muttering something about the elves losing their hope while fingering his sword. The subtle movement catches Ceylonda’s notice and as she takes a closer look, her eyes widen as they recognize the fine craftsmanship of a greater work Elven sword. When Shadon pulls the sword out and identifies it as Llewandle, the Light of the Elves, a look of respect and, dare it be shown, Elfishness, comes across the faces of Ceylonda and L’yon.
After some discussion the group decides it is time for Durgoth to follow up with his Uncle’s wish for him to warn Inspector Moore from looking for the missing elves.

The next day, Durgoth accosts Moore in his office and delivers the message to Inspector Moore, who is confused by the mixed messages he seems to get about his knowledge of missing elves and how he is not supposed to be looking for them…. He denies any knowledge of missing elves and is startled and taken aback when Durgoth leaps to his feet, hammers his fists on the desk, and bellows that he believes the man is a liar!

Artha Awards

3 fate beliefs
1 persona engagement
1 persona humor
1 persona BSA
1 persona embodiment

2 fate belifes
1 persona engagement
1 persona MVP
1 persona embodiment
1 fate trait complication

3 fate beliefs
1 persona engagement
1 persona embodiment

3 fate beliefs
1 persona engagement
1 persona embodiment



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