Az PCs, Session 005

A Message to Baroness Tomei

Attending: Argent and Durgoth Derlahn.

Screen Time, This Session: Vol (0%), Durgoth (50%), Argent (50%), Shadon (0%).
Screen Time, Cumulative: Vol (28%), Durgoth (31%), Argent (27%), Shadon (15%).

Argent and Durgoth Side-Jaunt

Durgoth used Kansk-Wise to learn some basic information about Tomei.
Durgoth used Circles to meet Argyle; invited him to share some nog at the Golden Flask.
Durgoth and Argent pump Argyle for more info at the Golden Flask. It’s also the fish ladies night to come by so it’s a big night. Argent uses the excess nog to alleviate his Resources Tax.
Argent uses Assassination-Wise to find out about “sending messages.” He doesn’t like the idea of having to rough up a baroness and learns that this mission from his guild is in direct conflict with his beliefs about Az. Some discussion ensues about how this story arc might play out over time as it’s obvious the Vosk connection is going to bump up against this belief and his sense of autonomy. [The GM snickers.]

Durgoth decides to Circle up a priest of Ra. 8d6 versus Ob 5 - Failure! GM invokes the Enmity clause. “Remember the guy Celonda introduced as her Chaplain?” Uh-huh.

Durgoth heads to the Trader’s Guild. We create an NPC who’s the guildmaster, a dwarf named Dor’n. He gives Durgoth a nice primer on the spider silk trade.

Durgoth and Argent visit the baroness. They have troubles with the cart on the way there, causing them to have to walk the last mile, compromising their presentation. They have lunch with Baroness Tomei, Lucian (like Uthred, a veteran), and Argyle (the steward). After lunch they talk business and enter into an agreement on a standing price for spider silk.

After the meeting they convince Tomei to excuse Argyle. They explain that Argent has ties to Port Car and he knows that Port Car is prepared to use muscle to keep the pricing on spider silk constant. Tomei agrees to agree to renew the previous year’s pricing but that Durgoth and Argent need to deliver the silk.

Artha Awards and Beliefs Played - Detail

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about making allies.
1 Fate: Learning about the elves.
1 Persona: Humor.
1 Persona: Resolving Vosk Mission (“Mini-Deed”)

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about collecting a cadre against Set and Kordaava.
1 Fate: Pursuing belief about finding a priest of Ra (sorta) by sharing his religion with the elves.
1 Persona: Humor.



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